Sunday, July 24, 2011

O- Mother (hood)

I often get those looks of "are you crazy" and (insert a touch of sarcasim) those much appreciated questions/statements like
Are they all yours?, Did you plan them?, Do you wish one would have been a boy? You're brave, I'd couldn't go out by myself with that many kids, I'd hate to see what your wedding bills Will be in 20 year!

Some days, especially when the twin were babies, it was hard for me believe that they were ALL mine (until I accounted for all the sleepless night and stretch marks) and that we have 4 girls. Even if you 'plan' on getting pregnant you cant control the sex of the baby or the personality they will have, or if they will be healthy, etc.
Why not go out!?! Often times they are better behaved in public than at home, and I may be a stay at home mom, but doesn't mean I have to stay home 24/7! ;D I refuse to think about their wedding bills (we may just do 1 big wedding party, who knows ;D)
I feel so blessed to have such a high calling. Being a parent is a great responsibility, and being the parent that is the daily caretaker and educator is a wonderful privilege. :D More than that is my calling. What better way to spend your life than investing in your children and teaching them to love and follow the creator of the universe! This is not to say that some days when you feel like all you do is break up silly arguments and wash things that are dirt (clothes, dishes, kids,etc) that there is no discouragement. But I love knowing that my 'boss' is the best ever! He is patient with me while i learn the job, he encourages me when I'm discouraged, he gives me strength when I am tired and feel over worked. And bonus!!- I grow in my relationship and understanding of Him as I carry out my duties, becuase hes also my Father. :D
I found this article on and thought I would share it!
Blessings and happy mothering!

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