Sunday, July 24, 2011

O- Mother (hood)

I often get those looks of "are you crazy" and (insert a touch of sarcasim) those much appreciated questions/statements like
Are they all yours?, Did you plan them?, Do you wish one would have been a boy? You're brave, I'd couldn't go out by myself with that many kids, I'd hate to see what your wedding bills Will be in 20 year!

Some days, especially when the twin were babies, it was hard for me believe that they were ALL mine (until I accounted for all the sleepless night and stretch marks) and that we have 4 girls. Even if you 'plan' on getting pregnant you cant control the sex of the baby or the personality they will have, or if they will be healthy, etc.
Why not go out!?! Often times they are better behaved in public than at home, and I may be a stay at home mom, but doesn't mean I have to stay home 24/7! ;D I refuse to think about their wedding bills (we may just do 1 big wedding party, who knows ;D)
I feel so blessed to have such a high calling. Being a parent is a great responsibility, and being the parent that is the daily caretaker and educator is a wonderful privilege. :D More than that is my calling. What better way to spend your life than investing in your children and teaching them to love and follow the creator of the universe! This is not to say that some days when you feel like all you do is break up silly arguments and wash things that are dirt (clothes, dishes, kids,etc) that there is no discouragement. But I love knowing that my 'boss' is the best ever! He is patient with me while i learn the job, he encourages me when I'm discouraged, he gives me strength when I am tired and feel over worked. And bonus!!- I grow in my relationship and understanding of Him as I carry out my duties, becuase hes also my Father. :D
I found this article on and thought I would share it!
Blessings and happy mothering!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

long time....

wow! I know it had been awhile but 2 month since the last blog. Oops!
Well in the last few months we have tackled the adventure of potty training the twins. They actually did a great job. Just this last week we begun that little relapse that all kids seem to go through.. what with that?!? There's not much they wont do for a sticker and a piece of 'cookie bar' (thats what they call the cereal bars from Trader Joes).
School is coming to an end. I officially have 1 week left of class before summer brake begins and I move on to the next phase in life... full time homeschooling. I will not be working at VCA anymore but all 4 of the girls will be doing some kind of homeschool program; 1 in Kndg, 3 in preschool. Plus we have launched a new photography business to help us make money to fund the adoption that we are praying God opens doors to soon. Check it out and let me know what you think!
Summer fun is about to begin! Wahoo! :)

(BTW- the new business is Adelfia Photography. We have a page on Facebook or check out our blog at ;D

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Cork Screw hair bows

Here is a simple out line of how to make those super cute curly hair clips. I always thought they would be harder to make. Now that I know how it has saved us alot of $$. :)

Materials needed:
Ribbon (I have found the thinner the better it works)

doll rods (make sure they are short enough to fit in your oven ;D)

clothes pins

static guard spray

Oven- preheated to 350 degrees

regular sewing thread and needle (coordinating color to ribbon)

hot glue gun
Alligator clip (or Barret/ pony tale holder whatever you are wanting to attach it to)

1- choose your ribbon. (For fuller bows you will need more ribbon. The ones I made here are smaller)

2- wrap ribbon around doll rod securing it at each end with a clothes pin (you could also use a small dot of hot glue but then you will need to cut the tips off before making your bow)

3-when the doll rods have bee wrapped spray a generous coat of static guard onto them covering all sides- make sure you do this outside so you get your whole house stinky and sticky

4- place doll rods on a cookie sheet and place them in the oven (which has been preheated to 350 degrees) 'Cook' for 15 minutes. You can leave longer but shouldn't be longer than 25 minutes.

5- Remove doll rods and allow them to cool off.

6- When cool, carefully unwrap the ribbon.

7- Cut the ribbon into the sizes you want (Average bow would be about 3-4 inches). With the ribbon I had I made 2 small bows.

8- Thread your needle with about 12 inches of thread- doubled over and knot.

9- lay your thread vertically (needle up) place your ribbon strips on top of the thread. If you are using different colors try to make sure they are not on top of each other so you get more even results.

10- take your needle and pull over the top of your ribbon. Push through the the double end to loop around ribbon pull tight. Wrap around your new bundle for extra security. Knot to keep tight. Set the bow aside for a moment

11- Cut about 3 inches of coordinating ribbon to cover alligator clip. Put a line of hot glue down one half and glue to flat edge of the clip. Put small amount of glue on the in side of the clip and double ribbon onto the inside covering the top part of the clip on both sides.

12- attach bow to the clip. For extra stability I sewed and glued my ribbons to the clip. Take the dangling thread and push needle through the middle of the top of the alligator clip. Go back up through the bottom and tie off. Put a small dot of hot glue under the center of the bow to attach more securely.
This is one of the 2 I made from this ribbon. Great for the little ones or for pigtales on the older ones. :)

Once glue is dry and cooled off enjoy it! :) You just made a bow! :)

***You can also attach smaller versions of the same to other bows you make for a special touch. Same process just sew to the bow instead of the clip. :)

Cost: Ribbon- $.75-2 (depending on how much you use) ,
Alligator clip - about $.14 (just over $3 for 25),
doll rod- $1 (and you reuse, and reuse.....)
with hot glue on the top end you have spent about $3 (with lots of materials left over to make more :D)

Finding the bright side of the ribbon :)

A few weeks back when we had all our snow and ice I had a little fall while carrying one of the twins across the yard. I am now complete with 1 of my 3+ weeks on crutches (and still surviving thanks to my wonderful family). Going from a mom that hardly gets to sit during the day (especially in 1 spot) to trying to navigate a tri- level house with 4 small ones running around your injured leg and having to pick a spot and stay there most of the day has been a challenge. I have taken some refuge at the folding table that never seemed to get cleared enough to be put away after the holidays. (Sometimes it does pay off to not get something crossed off you to-do- list.) :D This table is in the kitchen and over the last several weeks had become our catch all spot for school projects and my crafts. Since my kids like to eat alot and its the main floor of the house and it is a place I can sit w/ my leg up and still keep an eye on most things going on it has been a great set up. And if you are going to sit there while you watch the house get messed up and dust collect you might as well have something to ease your mind of all the things you can't physically get done. So thus has begun my adventures in hair bows. :) My girls and nieces are gonna have the most decked out hair in town by the time I get to walk again ;D. We are experimenting with ribbons, flowers, fabric.... if it's w/in arms reach (or I can explain where its at) this getting made into an accessory. (BTW- don't tell my former self what I have become she wouldn't believe you anyway. Something about having 4 super cute daughters will change a lady!) Here are some pictures of the results of my boredom. :D

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Fun valentine activities :)

With all this snow we are having to find LOTS of creative outlets for all our little ones extra energy. :) We made a heart mobile last week, we are gathering materials for "crayon Hearts: a cute project with melted crayon shavings in wax paper from Martha Stewart's website. Here is the link, super easy, and helps recycle some of those hundreds of broken crayon pieces. :)

We are also making frames and cards along with little Valentines for their friends. Maybe by the times we are finished the snow will have melted (at least a little). ;)

The twins and I did this one today. Its fun how even at 2 yrs they can want to learn so much. We used a ruler to measure the paper and they helped choose what scissors to use to cut the paper into squares.We made a pattern with the 2 paper designs, and they helped put the stencils in place so I could paint the letters on. their favorite part was helping with the thread and tape to hang it up. :D
Heres to coloring, gluing, painting, and deocrating our way to warmer days!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Good deals! :)

So I recently ordered from
They are kind of like a Shutterfly website, maybe a little more product focused than photo storage focused. Anyway, I had seen ads for them but hadn't used them until recently thinking that the way cheaper prices were going to mean a sacrifice in quality. But I was very impressed. I made an ordered a photo book for my sister and brother-in-law for Christmas with the maternity pictures I took for them. It turned out way cute! They seem to run good sales often too. They have a good special on coin purses right now, a fun gift for a birthday or Valentines day.
Happy weekend! :)

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Continuing Christmas Tradition- RACHEL'S FAITH

It hard to sit in our middle class homes filled with decoration and comforts and not feel pain for those who do not have the same opportunity we do. Even when money is tight, we have so much in comparison to much of the world.
In years past we have given donations to organizations like Samaritans Purse as gift to family for Christmas. This year with our heart focus being drawn more strongly towards orphans around the world we have looked into some of the great opportunities that All Gods Children Int'l offers to help orphans, mothers, and widows. AGCI helps family with the adoption process, but also has different ministries that help these groups in foreign, poverty stricken areas. They have a few ministries in Ethiopia one of which is Rachel's Faith. You have an option to donate to the cause or to actually travel with them on a mission trip to work with these women. And since a trip out of the country is not an option right now, we decided to donate to this ministry this year. Below is the info on Rachel's Faith from their website

If you as looking for a last minute gift, how about the gift of life and family. :)


In the Tigray region of Ethiopia, it is difficult for single mothers and widows to find jobs to help support their families. AGCI's program 'Rachel's Faith' provides opportunities for women to learn trades, open businesses, and care for their families. Because of this outreach to single mothers, children who were on the verge of being orphaned are now able to remain in their home environment.

May you all have a very Merry Christmas as we pause to remember our Savior being born as a man to save all men from their sins. A King so humble, the perfect Son and sacrifice.
Happy Birthday Jesus, thank you for the best gift ever.... you!